XANA Builder Update Information v23.09.01


▼Implementation of new functions
・The info popups in the constant view have been updated to show up when an avatar approaches within a certain range (not yet reflected in the XANA app because it needs to be synchronized)
・In the Explorer tab, an icon mark has been implemented to indicate which game component has been added to which object (When the Explorer tab is opened, a dedicated icon for the game component is displayed to the left of the name of the object to which the game component was added, making editing intuitive and simple.)
・Three crypto-ninja characters (Sakuya, Xiaolan, and NEMU) were implemented in the Appearance change game component (*Some visual bugs in Xiaolan’s legs).
・AI function to automatically generate Sky is implemented on a “trial” basis. (*Simply enter a specific keyword and the AI will automatically create a background image (Sky) that matches the word / select “Sky” from the menu bar, then “AI Generative Sky (can be operated from the “AI Generative Sky” menu on the right panel of the “Sky” menu bar)
*Not yet supported in XANA application due to test implementation
*We have made some UI and UX modifications, and also understand that there may be some bugs such as generated Sky data not being saved (world data itself can be saved without any problems).
*We recommend that you make a duplicate copy of the world data before use
*Other detailed notes are organized in the following documents

EN :https://bit.ly/3BGZHC3
JP : https://bit.ly/3LChizP

▼Bug fixes
・Fixed a bug in the color eyedropper (DAO bug report No. 122).
・Fixed a duplicate bug in specific assets (DAO bug report No. 100)
・Fixed a bug that occurred in the quiz component (DAO bug report No. 103).
・Fixed a bug that occurred when selecting “…” during loading (DAO bug report No. 105)
・Fixed UI and specification bug in blind component.
・Fixed a bug in which the UI and operations did not respond during ninja motion.
・Fixed bugs in Appearance change, Hyperlink, and Turn off light (bears are not reflected correctly, do not behave properly, etc.)


▼Other Notes
・Minor bugs have been found in some game components and operations (to be fixed in due time).


List of manuals and notes

▼XANA Builder Operation Manual
JP :https://bit.ly/3YdTTub / EN :https://bit.ly/3VHX6k4

▼Game Component Operation Manual
*Please check the game component type implemented in the XANA app in advance (details here)

▼Land NFT Identification Manual – Publication Requirements for Production Worlds –
*Worlds are currently temporarily offline, so anyone can publish their worlds

▼XANA APP download link

▼Other notes
*保存所创建的世界可能会对一些用户造成不确定的错误,例如所使用的桌面规格等。因此,我们建议使用 "自动保存 "设置。
*If you need immediate assistance, please contact our customer support through the chat mark (reference image: https://bit.ly/3os5nNI) on the bottom right of the official website “XANA (https://web.xana.net/)”. Please contact our customer support team at



窗户 : bit.ly/xanabuilderwin
麦当劳 : http://bit.ly/xanabuildermac

JP : https://bit.ly/3LChizP
EN :https://bit.ly/3BGZHC3


操作系统:Windows 7、Windows 10和Windows 11,仅限64位版本。

操作系统:macOS Mojave 10.14或以上版本
图形API。具有金属能力的英特尔和AMD GPU


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