Additional Explanation: How to Unpublish the world

步骤1。 Click on the “Publish” tab located at the upper right corner of the screen.

第2步。 From the “published” tab, hover the mouse cursor over the world you wish to unpublish, The “…” icon will appear. Click on “unpublish world

第3步。 Now, click on the “Confirm” button to unpublish the world.

第4步。 When you see a pop-up from the bottom right corner of the screen, unpublishing is complete
The world will then move from the “published” tab to the “creating” tab

*Please note that if a world is published to a locked land NFT and then unlocked, the world will be forcibly “unpublished” on the builder’s side.
*Also, the unstake will be completely done by claiming after “14 days” have passed from the time of application.
Therefore, you must unpublish from the XANA Builder first, as it will not automatically unpublish during the 14 days (see this document for details (

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