“Rooster Fighterz” Alpha Test Application

“Rooster Fighterz” is Web3Gaming using “Rooster Fighter” NFT.  It’s finally ready for the official public alpha launch.

【Alpha Test Details】
・Alpha Test Date: Scheduled for early October. (We will update this blog as soon as a decision is made.)
・Only wallets that have applied can participate.
※Airdrop “XANAStone” for use in the test to the wallets that have applied to participate.
・It will be conducted in the main net.
・XANAStone is consumed upon entry of a Rooster owned to Race and upon Voting to Rooster. In addition, a gas fee (XETA) is required for on-chain transaction.
※To enter the Race, you must have the “Rooster Fighter” NFT locked.
※After the alpha test is completed, XETA spent on gas will be airdropped to each wallet.
※Burn all XANAStone after the alpha test is completed.
・If you detect any defects or suggestions for improvement, please fill out the “Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet” below.


【Application Form】
Rooster Fighterz Alpha Test Application Form (Rooster Fighterzアルファテスト参加申込フォーム)

【Application Deadline】
October 1 (Sun) (UTC)


【Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet】
Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet

※under consideration



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