What is Blind?
You can apply an effect that darkens the entire environment except for the avatar (a light illuminates above the avatar’s head).
*By equipping the Blind component to Object A, when the avatar makes contact (triggers), the surrounding environment becomes completely dark for a certain duration. This effect is activated and deactivated repeatedly each time the avatar comes into contact with the target object.


1.从左侧面板选择资产。(附属图像 ①)。

4. Select the Blind component from the right panel.

5. You can use the slider to set the timer (duration of the blind effect)and the range of the lights.
※When the timer function is off, there is no time limit and the blinds will be triggered each time when the avatar gets in contact with the target object.

6. Click on the test button in the upper right corner of the screen (the Blind which you had set can be verified in the test play).

7. When the Avatar touches the object (Trigger activated), Only the area above the avatar’s head will be illuminated and the entire environment will be darkened.
The blind function is repeatedly deactivated and activated each time when the avatar comes into contact with the target object.


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