Weekly Development Update | 21 October – 3 November

XANA Metaverse Weekly Update

Week of Remarkable Achievements!

Hello, XANA Community! Curious about the magic happening backstage? We’re not merely anticipating the future; we’re crafting it with every groundbreaking update.

From advanced Web 3 capabilities to essential bug resolutions, our focus is elevating your XANA journey.

Are you eager to explore the latest wonders of this week? Dive in!


Work In Progress

  1. Implementation of AI NPC Phase 2: Infusing personality, enabling bilingual chats in JP & EN
  2. New 3D assets from the design team have been added to the Xana app.
  3. Improving the User Interface (UI) of the world detail screen.
  4. Resolving the OTP issue during sign-up.
  5. Fixing the chat history issue when joining through an event.

New Development

  1. XANA chat 2.0 v2 (with AI Integration to worlds) now has unity modification with a better user experience.

2. XANA Browser

Work In Progress

  1. Optimizing 189 assets for enhanced post-loading performance.
  2. Addressing loading issues and material problems in user-created worlds.

3. XANA Builder

XANA Builder Ver 23.10.25 is Now Live!

  1. Setting and publishing world thumbnails using free image materials is now possible.
  2. More detailed adjustments and settings for AI-generated skies, shadows, and lighting are now available.
  3. Fixed approximately 20 minor bugs, including improvements to DAO reports.

Work In Progress

  1. Creating video for Text to world feature
  2. Enabling the upload of music data from personal computers.
  3. Implementing the ability to delete audio clips.

New Development

  1. Audio UI issue fixed: Long audio names get cut off when sound is added.
  2. Fixed an issue where the game stalled at 1% after selecting new skies from the AI dropdown.

4. XANA Web

$XETA Token & LAND Staking (Cycle 26) Are Now Live

  1. XETA Staking
  2. LAND Staking

New Development

  1. UI Update: Resolved black space issue on small screen resolutions.
  2. UI Update: Logo and sidebar icon sizes in the header have been fixed.
  3. UI Update: Responsive issues with feeds and world cards have been fixed.
  4. The XANA Web Community Chat for each world is now live.


New Development

  1. Staked and locked NFTs have been transferred to a central contract for ownership.
  2. Rooster Fighter NFT cannot be unlocked during race entry.
  3. Integrated Web 2 authentication into Xana NFT’s new user onboarding for both Web2 & Web3 platforms

6. NFTDuel

Work In Progress

  1. Implementing the ‘Ultraman Normal (Prism)’ card.

New Development

  1. 2D Design – Implementation of “Ultraman Normal (Prism)”
  2. Enabled layer overlay for an enhanced gaming experience.

7. Rooster Fighterz

Work In Progress

  1. Updating the central lock and Rooster contract for enhanced locking flow.

New Development

  1. CS Support Feedback: User-friendly enhancements and improved readability.

8. AI

Work In Progress

  1. AI: Final integration check for selected English voice options needed; the team has completed voice selection and filtering
  2. Version 5: Unit Testing for AI Modules & Survival Tasks

New Development

  1. AI-based language translator: Successfully tested on all products in staging, ready for product shift soon.


At XANA, this extraordinary week was all about you, our valued users. Your satisfaction drives our innovation, with every update and team discussion strengthening our mission.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week – we promise it’ll be worth the wait! In the meantime, continue to shine in the Web 3 world. Take care!

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