What is Throw?
The avatar can throw a ball, similar to throwing a grenade in a survival game.
*By equipping the “Throw” component to object A, when the avatar comes into contact with it (the target object becomes hidden), the avatar can throw a ball to a specified point using shortcut keys (Q and E) while moving the camera.


How to use?

1. Select the asset from the left panel. (attached image ①)
2. Place the selected assets in the terrain(attached image ②)
3. When you select the asset on the terrain a component list will get displayed on the right panel (attached image ③)

4. From the right panel select the Throw component and set it.

5. Click the Test button in the upper right corner of the screen (the Throw component which is set can be confirmed in the test play).

6. When the avatar touches the Target object(trigger activated) and the object disappears. By moving the camera, the avatar can throw the ball to the specified point.

You can also use the following shortcut keys to throw the ball

(Q): Set position ( posing to throw)
(E): throw the ball




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