NFT x Metaverse x GameFi

The Rooster Fighter, The smash hit manga comic from Japan by Shu Sakuratani, is now available as “Generative NFT Avatar” for XANA Metaverse and its native GameFi.

About Rooster Fighter​

A Smash hit comic.

A world-renowned manga work by Shu Sakuratani, Rooster Fighter, is a rooster battle action where a rooster becomes the hero by saving the human race. The comic’s main character is a rooster "Keiji" who loves women (Female Rooster) and sea urchins. His signature move is called “kokekokko”, which is so effective that it instantly knocks down the enemy.

Comic Story

A rise of new hero.

When a demonic creature called “Kiju” starts attacking humanity and possesses an overwhelming power. He destroyed many lives, and people dwelled in despair. In the darkest of times, when everyone gave up, it was a single chicken who came as a ray of hope and saved humanity from its downfall.

@Shu Sakuratani/HERO’S
@Shu Sakuratani/HERO’S
@Shu Sakuratani/HERO’S
@Shu Sakuratani/HERO’S
3D Metaverse avatar
Rooster will be XANA Metaverse 3D Avatar
Trading card GameFi
Rooster will have battle card in NFTDUEL P2E Game

About NFT

Powered by

Genesis 10,000 unique Rooster art with a unique sense of humor is randomly generated from a combination of over 1 million types of Rooster parts. And it provides robust utilities in the metaverse and its Play to Earn gaming.

Utility and Ecosystem

Far from just a PFP.


Rooster comes with a unique combination of the game cards for the XANA's native GameFi called NFTDUEL. The part of the Royalty of NFTs will be preserved in treasury and allocated to Game players.​


XANA is a robust Metaverse infrastructure that creates immense value for NFTs like never before seen. Apart from being great PFPs, the Rooster Fighter NFTs will be used in 3D avatar in XANA Metaverse.


The rooster minted during INO will be a Gen0 (Generation Zero) NFT, and Team is preparing the breeding function to generate a new Rooster from it. Same as other Breedable NFTs, Gen0 has the most valuable advantages.​


Magic by the experts.


XANA is the metaverse infrastructure that consists universal platform metaverse app and robust blockchain technologies. XANA empowers the creator, brand, and Institutions with its all-in-one metaverse platform.​


HEROs INC is involved in the planning, management, and production of web comic sites and character contents, and operates the web comic distribution site "Comipre", where popular works such as "ULTRAMAN", "Masked Rider Kuuga", "Rooster Fighter" and "Atom the Beginning" are serialized.

Shu Sakuratani

His representative works include "Rooster Fighter" and "T-DRAGON". He is an entertainer who is capable of The love of humanity is always at the core of his stories. He is a cartoonist with a sense of duty and humanity, and is extremely grateful for the support of his 70,000 fans around the world.

Initial NFT Offering

Don't miss a chance.


Minting will be placed in XANALIA for Whitelisted users. After 24h (12h x 2 groups) it will be available for the public in XANALIA and OKX.

For User Price Time
1st winner Group
2,000 people
0.08 ETH
4/14 03:00(UTC)
2nd winner Group
2,000 people
0.09 ETH
4/14 15:00(UTC)
Public (48h)
0.10 ETH
4/15 03:00(UTC)


NFT will be launched by multiple platforms, including the NFT Marketplace of the largest Exchange, OKX. ​

Platform Allocation
Max issue this time
5,000 NFTs
3,000 - 4,000 NFTs
OKX, Other plaform
1,000 - 2,000 NFTs


Nothing but excitement ahead.

2021 Q4

  • Kickoff Meetings.
  • Production start.

2022 Q1

  • Project Announcement.
  • XANA whitelisting start.
  • SNS launch.

2022 Q2

  • XANA whitelist close. 
  • OKX NFT Partnership / co-drop announced
  • Initial NFT Offering.
  • OpenSea listing.
  • GameFi Closed Alpha.

2022 Q3

  • NFTDUEL cardgame Public alpha.
  • 3D metaverse Avatar.
  • More Partnerships.

2022 Q4

  • VR Metaverse alpha Launch.
  • Rooster Lnad in the metaverse.
  • More Partnerships.