XANA Builder Update Information v23.09.20

업데이트된 정보

▼Implementation of new functions
・Implemented 26 new Sky templates.
・Redesigned the UI of timers displayed in each game component (not yet implemented on the XANA app side).
・Implemented category functionality (game categories can be selected when publishing worlds (tag functionality will be updated later)).

⚠️ Request to Creators: ⚠️
We would appreciate it if you could re-publish the game worlds that you have already published, after editing them on the builder side and selecting the “Games” category. (Thumbnails will be displayed in the game category of the XANA application.)

・Poly count Ver. 2.0 is implemented on a trial basis (further subdivides object components such as materials and textures and displays numerical values / e.g., even if the polygon count is within an acceptable range, the application may crash if the number of textures exceeds the upper limit, so the installation limit can be determined in detail. An overview of each item is provided on p. 13 of the manual)

EN :https://bit.ly/3BGZHC3
JP : https://bit.ly/3LChizP

PolyCount Notes

*The XANA app will operate normally as indicated in the above indicators as long as the device meets the minimum specifications supported by the XANA app and has a stable communication environment.
*Because of the large variation in RAM capacity and device usage, the XANA app does not always work even if the device meets the recommended specifications.
*Also, the XANA app is currently being optimized, so there may be cases where the app does not run properly as indicated in the above indicators.

▼Bug fixes
・Viewpoint bug in TransPort test play mode (DAO bug report No. 104)

・Fixed a UI bug in the settings menu of the world edit screen (DAO bug report No. 112).
・Fixed a problem in which favorite assets were not saved (DAO bug report No. 108).
・Fixed a light-up problem that occurs with the specific asset “Effect27” (DAO bug report No. 135)
・Fixed a bug that occurred during operation in Explorer.
・UI optimization and correction of AI Generate function
・Fixed some saving bugs related to AI Generete.
・Fixed a loading bug that rarely occurred when generating Sky with AI Generete.
・Fixed a bug when duplicating a world with Sky generated by AI Generete.
・Fixed a bug in the trigger conditions of multiple game components such as Turn Off Light.
・Fixed about 15 other minor bugs.

▼Other Notes
・There is a bug in some game components with timer display that prevents the timer from displaying properly (to be updated in due time).
・Some game components have UI bugs and trigger points that do not work properly, which are currently being fixed.
・Other bugs that occurred due to the development of new features and updates are also being fixed in parallel.


List of manuals and notes

▼XANA Builder Operation Manual
JP :https://bit.ly/3YdTTub / EN :https://bit.ly/3VHX6k4

▼Game Component Operation Manual
*Please check the game component type implemented in the XANA app in advance (details here)

▼Land NFT Identification Manual – Publication Requirements for Production Worlds –
*Worlds are currently temporarily offline, so anyone can publish their worlds

▼XANA APP download link
IOS 앱:https://web.xana.net/ios-test-flight/
안드로이드 앱:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nbi.xana

▼Other notes
*라이브 환경에서는 시범적으로 오브젝트 및 스카이를 추가로 구현하고 있으나, 상황에 따라 삭제되거나 숨겨질 수 있으며, 이는 전 세계 프로덕션에 영향을 미칠 수 있습니다. 미리 양해 부탁드립니다.
*생성된 월드를 저장하면 일부 사용자에게는 사용 중인 데스크톱의 사양 등에 따라 지정되지 않은 오류가 발생할 수 있습니다. 따라서 '자동 저장' 설정을 권장합니다.
*개선에 대한 문제나 제안 사항이 있으시면 아래 DAO 시트를 통해 알려주시면 언제든지 협조해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.
*If you need immediate assistance, please contact our customer support through the chat mark (reference image: https://bit.ly/3os5nNI) on the bottom right of the official website “XANA (https://web.xana.net/)”. Please contact our customer support team at


정보 다운로드

Windows : bit.ly/xanabuilderwin
Mac : http://bit.ly/xanabuildermac

JP : https://bit.ly/3LChizP
EN :https://bit.ly/3BGZHC3

호환 장치

OS: Windows 7, Windows 10 및 Windows 11, 64비트 버전만 해당.
프로세서: X64 아키텍처
그래픽 API: DX10 그래픽 카드
무료 저장 용량: 6GB

OS: macOS Mojave 10.14 이상
프로세서: X64 아키텍처(인텔 프로세서)
Apple M1 이상
메모리: 4GB
그래픽 API: 메탈 지원 인텔 및 AMD GPU
무료 저장 용량: 6GB

사용 중인 컴퓨터의 사양이 요구 사양 이상인지 확인하세요.
(위 사양을 충족하지 않을 경우 UI 축소 및 기타 버그가 발생할 수 있습니다.) 참고하세요.

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