Weekly Development Update | 12 Aug – 18 Aug

XANA Metaverse Weekly Update

                                                     Week of Remarkable Achievements!

As the team continues to shine, they’ve managed to outdo themselves once again. The XANA Development team has made some big leaps forward this week, boosting XANA’s reputation as a leader in the world of Web 3.

Let’s look at the highlights from our different teams over the past week.

1. XANA App

XANA Metaverse Mobile App Version 23.08.11 is Now Live!

1. Implemented a tutorial feature for new users

2. Introduced a splash video targeting new users

3. Fixed approximately 25 bugs, including DAO reports, minor glitches, and more.

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Work In Progress

1. We’re currently working on enhancing user experience by ensuring seamless synchronization of XANA BUILDER’s game components in the XANA App.

2. Actively working on the integration of the MetaMask wallet into the XANA app.

2. XANA Browser

The Next Chapter of Innovation – A Revolution in Metaverse Experience

1. Metaverse access via web browser, no app downloads.

2. Effortlessly connect directly to XANA Fest’s excitement via a web browser.

3. Development of widgetization features is underway, part of a precise roadmap for inter-corporate expansion and solutions.

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Work In Progress

1. Currently resolving the avatar spawn concern in the NFT exhibition event.

2. Working on rectifying limitations within the NFT exhibition environment.

3. Efforts are underway to resolve localization issues related to the password reset feature.

3. XANA Builder

XANA Builder Ver 23.08.17 is Now Live!

1. Implemented the “Test Ver.” of the Poly Count as an experimental feature.

2. Optimized approximately 2000 objects, leading to successful lightweighting.

3. Fixed around 30 minor bugs, including improvements to DAO reports.

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Work In Progress

1. Optimizing the poly count feature in XANA BUILDER to display the numbers of polygons or triangles used to create the game or a world.

2. Developing auto-unpublishing for non-NFT trial worlds with a visitor threshold.

4. XANA Web

XANA Official Website Ignites a Revolution: Introducing the Event Feature (α-version)

1. Host exhibitions or stage events in the Metaverse, offering unique creative experiences.

2. Overcome language barriers, enabling enjoyable interactions worldwide.

3. The XANA ecosystem shapes the future of corporate promotion.

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New Development

1. Successfully completed UI/UX fixes to enhance the XANA event experience.

2. Successfully developed and implemented the claim-at-once feature for staking rewards.

3. Updated wallet connect code for Genesis name changes through API, achieving successful integration.

4. Addressed reported issues by SQA and JP teams, ensuring a seamless XANA event environment.

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New Development

1. Successfully completed and deployed on the production environment, enabling seamless role assignment for new users via Discord integration.

2. Accomplished the development of a new user interface for the minting site, including coordinated assignment functionalities.

3. Addressed and resolved reported issues identified through SQA testing, ensuring a refined and reliable XANA NFT experience.

6. NFTDuel

Work In Progress

1. Actively working on implementing a system to manage battle fuel for each match, ensuring fair and efficient gameplay.

2. Currently implementing support cards to introduce dynamic elements and enrich the gaming experience.

7. Rooster Fighterz

New Development

Successfully revamped the Rooster UI for an improved and visually engaging user experience.

Work in Progress

1. Currently working on integrating a dark mode toggle feature to enhance user interface options.

2. Engaged in implementing a lock feature for Roosters to enhance security and user control.

8. AI

Work in Progress

1. Currently engaged in the process of transforming images into 3D environments, progressing towards a significant milestone.

2. Near completion of text-to-3D environment creation, with final updates underway for a polished outcome.

3. Actively working on XANA: Genesis personalization, enriching user experiences through tailored interactions.


Here at XANA, it’s all about making our users happy. User satisfaction is what keeps us going strong. Our different projects may vary, but they all come together under the XANA umbrella.

This week was packed with updates and exciting discussions.

Keep an eye out for next week’s dose of new stuff and improved experiences.

Until then, stay well and take care!

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