Latest XANA Metaverse Mobile APP Update: v23.09.22

업데이트된 정보

▼New features and updates
・XANA Lobby update (tutorial pop-up, dynamic monitor images, display worlds updated to game worlds (random selection), dynamic monitor images, etc. (interior upgrade to be scheduled next time))
・World search bar will be implemented in the home.
・World names can now include fonts with special symbols, etc.
・Display a loading bar (%) on the loading screen when transitioning from one world to another.
・Test implementation of some of the chat functions of XANAchat 2.0 (Conversations that take place within each world will remain in the chat box as a log (This is the same concept as the history of group chats in SNS, so you can go back to past conversations at any time))
・Games and events categories are newly implemented in the home page (When publishing a world in the XANA Builder, a world thumbnail will be displayed in the appropriate category when a category is selected and the world is published.)

⚠️ Request to Creators: ⚠️
We would appreciate it if you could re-publish the game worlds that you have already published, after editing them on the builder side and selecting the “Games” category. (Thumbnails will be displayed in the game category of the XANA application.)

▼Bug reports and fixes
・Fixed a bug that occurs when using an aerial camera (DAO bug report No. 110).
・Fixed a lighting problem that occurs with TurnOffLight (DAO bug report No. 91,92)
・Fixed a problem that certain assets are duplicated (DAO bug report No. 100).
・Fixed a problem with avatar size difference between builder and Xana app (DAO bug report No. 117)
・Fixed and improved world thumbnail UI
・Fixed a problem with duplicate buttons in the settings screen.
・Fixed a problem with footsteps of avatars in some worlds.
・Fixed a problem of Japanese not being supported at the time of world search.
・Fixed some bugs such as garbled characters in the 11th and later instances.
・Fixed some display bugs in info popups.
・Fixed some bugs in animations and behavior of avatars while connected at the same time
・Fixed some camera sensitivity in the world
・Fixed some bugs in home avatar viewing.
기타 약 10개의 사소한 버그 수정

▼Other notes
・There is still a problem that the directional volume does not work properly (to be updated in due time).
・Please understand that there are some cases where other game components do not work properly.
・User information registered on XANA NFT will be overwritten to the xana app around the end of September or beginning of October.

・”20″ game components now implemented and available in the XANA app (자세한 정보)
・Operation manual for using BreakingDown avatars with XANA app – EN:  /  JP:
*There are some differences in color and design between the avatar in the NFT image and the avatar in the XANA app.


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호환 모델

Android(모바일 및 태블릿)
안드로이드 10버전 이상
CPU: 스냅드래곤 665 옥타코어 이상
GPU: 아드레노 618
RAM: 6GB 이상
무료 저장 용량: 3GB

iPhone11 이상
OS: iOS14 이상
CPU: 6코어, 2.39GHz(몬순 2x + 미스트랄 4x)
GPU: Apple GPU(3코어)

OS: iOS 14 이상
칩: A12 바이오닉 칩 이상
CPU: 6 코어 이상
GPU 4코어 이상

*Please make sure to check in advance whether your mobile device is above the specifications compatible with the application.
If your device does not meet the specifications, the application may crash or malfunction.


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동시 접속자 수 초과 시 앱이 다운될 수 있습니다.
SNS 및 일부 기능은 제한되어 있으며 업데이트 시마다 공개될 예정입니다.
모바일 기기는 크기가 크므로 Wi-Fi 등 통신이 원활한 환경에서 이용하시기 바랍니다.
(3DGC가 로드되지 않거나 제대로 작동하지 않을 수 있음)
지원 기종, 버전, 환경에 따라 애플리케이션이 정상적으로 동작하지 않을 경우, 애플리케이션을 삭제한 후 재설치해 주시기 바랍니다.

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