How to set up Public Event?

3-1 What is a Public Event??

The official worlds prepared by XANA can be used as venues for your events. You can freely choose from a total of 20 official worlds and invite your friends and general guests to enjoy the Metaverse event together. In addition, there are several venues with large monitors in the official world, and it is possible to broadcast Youtube videos and live videos on the monitors in real time. Please make use of these monitors for presentations, gatherings, music festivals, etc!

3-2 How to create Public Event

1. First of all, in the from the top right corner click on the “+” button to launch the Create screen


2. Enter the Event name (attached image1)
3. In the Event Type select the Public Event (attached image2)


4. Select the venue of your choice from the “Select a Venue” in the (attached image 3).
*There are 5 venues with monitors where you can set up Youtube videos, etc. as follows

  • XANA Festival
  • BreakingDown Arena
  • NFT Duel Tournament
  • XANA Festival Stage
  • XANA Festival Stage in Dubai

*There are no monitors installed in any other venues.


5. The “Youtube URL” field will appear in the (attached image 4) only if you select a venue with a monitor. Paste the URL of the Youtube video or Youtube LIVE video.

*Currently, only Youtube URLs are supported.


6. Then click on “Main Image” to set the thumbnail image that will be displayed on the event page ( attached image 5)


7. Enter an Outline or brief description of the event to be held (attached image 6)


8. In the upper right corner of the screen, set the “start date and time” and “end date and time” of the event (see attached image 7).
*Please note that once an event has been created, you will not be able to change the date and time of the event.


9. You can limit the user options in the (attached image 8) so that, after the event has started, in the XANA app for the participants you can limit the User options( (* users who participate in the event may be able to use the optional features you have checked).


10. You can repeat an event on a regular schedule by using the Repeat Event function shown in the attached image 9 (currently available soon).


11. Finally, select the “Publish Event” button to complete the event creation (attached image 10).

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