How to participate in the event (For Guests)

You can participate in the event via two mediums: the “XANA App” and the “XANA Browser” (coming soon).

Join an event through the XANA app

1. Download the XANA App to your mobile device.
Download info (official blog):
*If you have already downloaded it, skip this step.

2. Launch “” from your mobile and select the event in the (attached image 1).
3. Click on the ” Live” tab (attached image 2) and select the thumbnail of the event you want to join (attached image 3).
4. Click on “Join Event with Mobile App” in the (attached image 4).


5. You will automatically be redirected from the web browser to the XANA App (see attached image 5). After that, it starts loading the event venue (world) and upon completion, you can join the venue.

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