What is Transport?
You can add the behavior of “multi-point movement” to the target object.
*After equipping the Transport component to object A, you can set flag points (A point, B point, etc.) on the terrain, and the object will automatically perform multi-point movement between those flag points.


How to use?

1. Select the asset from the left panel. (attached image ①)
2. Place the selected assets in the terrain(attached image ②)
3. When you select the asset on the terrain a component list will get displayed on the right panel (attached image ③)

4. Select the transport component from the right panel.

5. Using the slider, set the moving “speed” of the Object6. Turn on “Add Flag” so that ( you can set the point of a moving asset)

6. Turn on “Add Flag” so that ( you can set the point of a moving asset)

7. To place a flag (point) on the terrain left Click the mouse (two fingers on the trackpad)

8. To delete a flag, hover the cursor over the top of the flag to see the “remove” text, then right-click the mouse (two fingers on the trackpad)

9. Check “Turn Around” to change the angle at which the object is displayed when it moves along each flag (point).

10. Click on the test button in the upper right corner of the screen ( the Transport which you had set can be verified in the test play).

11. During Test play the object will start moving along the flags (points) that you had set


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