The Dawn of The Matrix

Episode 5 Desert Adventure

Area B

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」2

Yu Qing looked at the desert in front of him and asked Quin, "Why is there no one here?"

Quin explained: "Joke, can people live in such a place?"

Yu Qing asked Quin: "Then how do we find sheepskin?"

Quin: "I don't know."

Yu Qing pulled Quin to leave, and he asked, "What about the sheepskin?"

Yu Qing said without looking back: "Tell your Li Dafeng to find her, she is an AI, she can live."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」3

Quin thought Yu Qing was wise, but suddenly thought of Yu Qing's words and asked in surprise, "How do you know Knight is one of us?"

Yu Qing smiled disdainfully: "I don't know, can I find him? Fool."

Zone O

Yu Qing looked at the Feng in front of him and asked, "I'll give you a makeover, would you like to?"

Feng shook his head, "Don't."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」4

Yu Qing waved his hand: "Okay, then you can do whatever you want. Anyway, your host is already out of order."

Feng hesitated again and again, looked at Quin and Li, who were playing chess, and looked at Yu Qing, who were writing programs.

Feng said slowly: "Let's start, I'm willing."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」5

Yu Qing looked up at the wind and smiled with relief: "Okay, wait for me to finish writing."

After Yu Qing finished writing, he began to transform Feng, and Quin and Li were still playing chess.

the next day

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」6

When a group of people came to Area B, Kun looked at Feng Chen Feiyang and asked, "Wouldn't it be good for Feng to come alone? Didn't you just transform her yesterday? Why did you pull us back?"

Yu qing patted the back of Quin's head hard: "Fool, she's an AI, without us, what if she had an accident? Don't try to be lazy."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」7

Quin didn't give up: "Then you transform her? Why let her come with us?"

Yu Qing looked at the compass in his hand: "Because we need someone who is always sensible, it's a little weird here, we need someone to guide us when we encounter a fantasy, and the Feng is especially suitable."

Without Quin's complaint, a group of people began to explore the desert. Suddenly Nan appeared, and Yu Qing looked at Nan and asked, "What? What do you want?"

Nan: "I have already burned the sheepskin, are you still looking for it?"

Yu Qing nodded and said nonchalantly, "It will burn if it burns."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」8

Nan saw that she was being ignored and got a little angry: "Okay, I burned you too."

Yu Qing raised his head, the desert sky began to change, and when he was expelled that rainy night, Yu Qing was a little dizzy, more and more people were behind Nan, Yu Qing grabbed Quin and said weakly: "Take me, Wind and Li can handle it.”

After finishing speaking, Quin carried Yu Qing on his back and was about to leave, Nan saw it.

Nan: "Want to leave?"

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」9

Nan pulled up Yu Qing behind Kun's back and slammed him on the ground hard: "Didn't I say not to investigate? Why don't you listen?"

Yu Qing looked up at Nan: "What? Is there really a conspiracy?"

Nan raised his foot and stepped on Yu Qing's face, Quin was entangled by others and could not get out.

Nan: "You don't want to live?"

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」10

Yu Qing grinned, "Yes, do you give?"

Nan: "No give, you've been poisoned by my illusion, take your time and enjoy."

Yu Qing suddenly got up and dragged Nan and started to fight, Yu Qing vented on Nan: "Can you not mess with an unemployed person? It pisses me off, you know?"

Nan was puzzled: "You're not poisoned?"

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」11

Yu Qing: "It's all about the heart. I'm so old, the only heart problem I have is meeting you."

Nan also did not show weakness in the counterattack: "Meet you, I am also unlucky."

Soon, after Quin's side was over, he came to Yu Qing, Nan had been beaten all over the floor looking for his teeth, Yu Qing was lying on the desert panting, Quin reached out to Yu Qing: "Let's go."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」12

Yu Qing stood up and looked at the embarrassed Nan: "When this is over, come to Area O to find me, I'll wait for you."

Nan: "I'm not going, you come to me in E."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」13

A group of people and walked for a long time, Quin saw a short house in front of him, Quin ran without saying a word, Yu Qing wanted to pull but did not pull, fortunately the wind and Knight a motionless.

Yu Qing looked at Wind and Knight: "Don't move, let him scout the situation."

Wind doubts: "But what if he is in danger?"

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」14

Yu Qing looked at the compass: "Serve the country with loyalty and pay some pensions."

Feng Heli mourned for Quin silently at the moment, and Yu qing continued to add: "I just wanted to pull, but the person is gone, then he is going to die, we have to fulfill him."

Sure enough, after a while, Quin's scream came from the low house: "Save me—"

Feng Heli wanted to step forward, but looked at Yu Qing again. Yu Qing looked at the low house that was calm on the surface, and said, "Feng, go and have a look, come out when something is wrong, don't put yourself in for a fool."

At this moment, Quin's voice suddenly appeared behind Yu Qing: "Who is a fool?"

Yu Qing didn't look back: "You are, let's go when we get it."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」15

Quin: "How do you know?"

Yu Qing: "Because I'm a fortune teller, hurry up, and Nan will find out right away."

Quin suddenly realized: "You just stole his sheepskin?"

Yu Qing laughed: "Soldiers don't get bored."

Zone O

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」16

Yu Qing prepared magical potions in the house, and various rays of light continued to radiate. Yu Qing dripped the prepared potions on three pieces of sheepskin that were spliced ​​together. Finally, a special memory card appeared in the sheepskin, and Yu Qing put the card Plug it into the computer, and gradually there will be a picture in the air, the picture is the truth of the year and the solution.

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」17

Nanye arrived angrily and shouted from outside the house, "Yu Qing, you thief, you actually stole my things."

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」18

Responding to Nan was air, and Nan began to attack.

Yu Qing, Quin, and Li looked at this picture, and also roughly understood Nan's role in inflation in the real world. There was no one behind him at all, and he was always just Nan.

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」19

Although the house had an attack procedure, it didn't last long. The white tiger at the door joined the fight, but still couldn't resist. Yu Qing saw that the situation was not good and asked Quin to send a message.

Episode 5「Desert Adventure」20

Yu Qing: "Send a message to Miao Tian, it's time to pay it forward."

Quin nodded and quickly sent a message to Miao Tian. 

After Yu Qing watched Quin, Li, and Feng all go out, he continued to complete the final procedure in the house. Yu Qing watched the house gradually being breached. Yu Qing wrote profusely, but soon Nan rushed in. Lio took the memory card and immediately threw the memory card into the concentrated sulfuric acid solution, which soon dissolved, and gradually, Yu Qing disappeared.

Nan watched Yu Qing leave, in disbelief, and went to catch it, but caught nothing.

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