The Dawn of The Matrix

Episode 4 Fantasy Crystal

After Yu Qing finished speaking, he left. After Li got Feng's sheepskin, he could leave. He searched for a kind of ice crystal on the mountain in Area A, and dragged Kun along.

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 2

Quin complained while actively working: "What's the matter? I'm not your slave, you want to treat me like this?"

Yu Qing: "Help me watch, if there is a white tiger, it will be over. It loves ice crystals to escape the heat."

Quin: "Okay, got it."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal"3

After searching for a long time, Yu Qing went to the deepest part of the mountain and found the ice crystal, but the white tiger held the ice crystal and did not let go, so Yu Qing gently pushed Tuikun: "I'll get the ice crystal later, you go and lead the white tiger away. You can't kill them in Area A, it's breaking the law, or the gods of Da Luo can't save you."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 4

Quin: "It's me again?"

Yu Qing comforted: "I'm looking for raw materials for your house, what else do you want?"

When Quin heard that it was his own house, he immediately recovered and ran to lure away the white tiger.

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 5

Yu Qing watched Quin being chased by the white tiger, and he printed the sentence: she escapes, he chases, she can't fly.

Yu Qing smiled unkindly. Yu Qing slowly picked up the ice crystals and went directly back to the O area. He started to build a barrier with ice crystals for the airy house. It was not until night fell that Yu Qing slowly built the barrier. Open, you can see the outside from the inside, but you can't get in from the outside, the house is brightly lit in the center of the surrounding swamp, and Yu Qing is drinking tea inside.

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 6

When Quin came back in embarrassment, he found that he couldn't get in at all, and a layer of transparent glass isolated himself from the outside.

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 7

Quin said anxiously: "Brother? Open the door, I want to go in."

Yu Qing pressed "enter" on the computer, and soon the barrier gradually opened. Kun rushed into the room and drank all of Yu Qing's tea.

Yu Qing: "You can leave after drinking, go to Area A to see how Li is doing."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 8

Quin got angry: "No, I just came back, and isn't this house for me? Why do I feel like it's yours?"

Yu Qing: "Temporary, it will be yours soon, go quickly."

Quin turned around reluctantly and left Area O to Area A.

After taking a break, Yu Qing began to install attack devices on the house again. After all, this house will be of great use in the end and requires a certain amount of attack power.

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 9

Area A

Quin came to Li's place and looked at Li: "How is it? Did you follow the architect's instructions?"

Li: "Well, I let the wind go, what is the name of the builder?"

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 10

Quin: "Yu Qing."

Li asked suspiciously: "Why choose him? I think he is."

Quin: "Not suitable right?"

Li nodded.

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 11

"But he is the person who knows how to take advantage of our strengths. In the real world, he is not not good, but too good. He is incompatible with ordinary staff. The boss is afraid of his ability and unanimously decided to fire him. Can you understand? ?" Quin explained.

Li: "Okay, I understand, Feng has already hidden the stolen things, what should I do about this?"

Quin said slowly: "No hurry, I'll go back and tell him, you and Nan are almost done."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal"

Li was a little disappointed: "Okay."

Quin, who returned to District O, found that Yu Qing was no longer in the house, and began to bombard Yu Qing with messages through SNS.

After a long time, Yu Qing came slowly from outside the house, and Kun asked casually, "What are you doing?"

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 13

Yu Qing turned sideways: "Look."

Quin saw a white tiger approaching not far away.

Quin immediately jumped on Yu Qing: "Oh my god, tiger."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 14

Yu Qing asked mockingly: "Don't you want to raise it? Why are you making such a fuss?"

Quin: "You try being chased by such a huge creature from morning to night, that's not even human. "

Yu Qing explained: "They are not human beings in the first place."

Quin jumped off and moved away from Yu Qing: "So what are they doing here? Fighting? Is it because of your romantic debt?"

Yu Qing: "No, they said they would follow me."

Quin: "Can you still talk to them?"

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 15

Yu Qing nodded: "Yes, they also told me that you escaped in a panic this afternoon, and they laughed to death."

Quin was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole in the ground. Yu Qing looked at Quin and smiled: "Fake, they were chasing you, and when they got anxious, they fell into the swamp. I rescued them."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 16

Quin: "You're a real dog, and all the dangerous things are mine. When you save the white tiger, you can go there yourself."

Yu Qing began to be serious: "Next time, I will let you go next time. Have you gone to Area A? Did you find the wind? Has the sheepskin arrived in Nanshou?"

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 17

Quin: "Well, it's in Nan's hands."

Yu Qing thought for a while, then pointed to the metaverse map he had drawn on the screen: "It's almost there, next area B."

Quin asked, "Why don't you put the sheepskin here for yourself?"

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 18

Yu Qing looked at Kun and smiled slightly: "That's so tiring. So many people want it, and they all come to me. I won't die of exhaustion."

Quin: "But you're not afraid that Nan won't give it to you when the time comes?"

Yu Qing: "Afraid, why not? But in the Metaverse, only I can use these sheepskins. If he doesn't give it to me, it will be a useless sheepskin."

Episode 4 "Fantasy Crystal" 19

Quin: "You are really shameless, so cheeky, metaverse so many capable people still can not find a better than you?"

Yu Qing calmly analyzed: "Wouldn't it be you who bumped into me that time and left me the program diagram?"

Quin: "You won, so you believe that Nan can protect him?"

Yu Qing glanced at Kun and said, "He is more useful than you."

Hearing this, Quin did not speak any more.

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