The Dawn of The Matrix

Episode 3 Warehouse Setup

Yu Qing went directly to the warehouse where he was kidnapped at the beginning, opened the door, and there were a lot of things that could be used inside. Yu Qing began to pack up and reassemble the waste computers in the warehouse.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」2

When Quin came back, Yu Qing had already assembled it and was drinking tea on a chair watching the programs on the computer that couldn't run in the real world keep running.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」3

"Brother, I got it back." Quin handed Yu Qing a piece of sheepskin.

Yu Qing picked up the sheepskin, closed his eyes and recalled what he saw in the library, and soon found the corresponding one.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」4

Yu Qing: "Get ready, we'll go to District E to auction it off tonight."

Quin was puzzled: "Ah? Why? This is what I finally got. If you are short of money, you can find XANA organization. They have a lot of money, and they are rich second-generation rich people."

Yu Qing smiled: "The second generation of rich? There are also second generations of rich? Why are you so rich?"

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」5

Quin explained: "It means that we have rich wisdom and rich wallets, which is referred to as 'rich second generation', so what are we going to do?"

Yu Qing: "You will know at night."

Auction night in Area E

Yu Qing was wearing a mask, sitting in the last row, watching the other people's auction quietly, while Kun watched anxiously from the side.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」6

Quin: "Brother? How many shots should we take?"

Yu Qing is very sincere: "I have no money."

Quin said happily: "I have."

Yu Qing said indifferently: "Then you shoot it, it's not mine."

Quin was silent.

Until the sheepskin was taken out for auction, Yu Qing had been quietly observing the people in the auction venue.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」7

As soon as the sheepskin came out, there were bids from people in the front row, and Yu Qing also started to raise the price.

Until the red-haired boy in the front row shouted, "90 million."

Yu Qing put down the bidding card in his hand.


Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」8

Quin was very confused by Yu Qing's operation: "Why do you want to raise the price maliciously?"

Quin's voice was a little loud, causing the people in front to turn around, Yu Qing hurriedly sat next to him to make a clear relationship.

At the end of the auction, Yu Qing took the initiative to find the red-haired boy and joked, "How is it? Is the wallet okay now?"

The red-haired boy was still under two subordinates. When the red-haired boy heard Yu Qing's words, he couldn't believe it: "Are you raising the price maliciously?"

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」9

Yu Qing spread his hands: "When you kidnapped me, I didn't say malicious kidnapping, you made me panic."

The red-haired boy was still thinking.

Li Xian said, "That's what you did when you framed us, kidnapped someone and an old man, and made a mistake."

The red-haired boy still didn't remember.

Li: "We strip you naked and rub it against the ground."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」10

The red-haired boy had a flash of light: "Ao, is this your grandson? What do you want? To get beaten up?"

The corner of Yu Qing's mouth raised slightly, and he leaned into the ear of the red-haired boy: "Don't mess with an unemployed person, especially an unemployed person who understands procedures, I wish you and the sheepskin all the best, goodbye, I will come to pick it up, you must be careful custody."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」11

The red-haired boy looked at Yu Qing's leaving back angrily.

Quin looked back at the red-haired boy and laughed, "What did you say? His face is blue."

Yu Qing: "Go and find a piece of land."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」12

Quin: "Why? You want to kill people, dig a hole and bury people?"

Yu Qing was speechless: "Do you think I'm you? So vicious."

Quin: "You attacked me maliciously? I can appeal and sue you for framing a good citizen."

Yu Qing nodded and made a gesture of invitation: "Please go."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」13

Soon, Yu Qing came to District O, where there was a lot of wasteland and it was cheap. Yu Qing was negotiating with the big landlord in District O about buying land, and he paid in full after choosing the land.

Quin looked at the land selected by Yu Qing, surrounded by swamps, and asked with disgust: "Do you want to retire? Or retire to the world of mortals and don't want others to disturb you? How do you get in here?"

Yu Qing looked at Kun: "I want to build you a house, don't you like it?"

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」14

Quin instantly became interested: "For me?"

While drawing the architectural diagram, Yu Qing replied, "Yes, do you like it?"

Quin nodded quickly: "I like it, I want to keep a few white tigers in it, it's better to have two more dragons hovering on the roof."

Yu Qing: "Okay, you can get out, don't bother me."

Yu Qing spent three days drawing architectural drawings in the warehouse. After sleeping and forgetting to eat and drink, Quin immediately came to send warmth.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」15

Quin: "Brother? How is it? My house?"

Yu Qing threw the architectural drawing in his hand to Quin, picked up the teacup and blew on it, took a sip, and replied: "The drawing is finished, you can take it to the World Builder."

Quin looked at the house without doors and windows, and asked in surprise: "What is this? Are you not good at painting?"

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」16

Yu Qing: "Don't insult my stuff, take it to World Builders and let them start construction in District O. I want to build the Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan at the same speed. You pay for it. After all, it is your house. You There are still ten minutes, remember to deliver."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」17

Quin originally wanted to refute, but he thought he couldn't beat it, so he immediately went to the World Builder with the blueprint, and explained clearly that after paying the payment, instead of going back to the warehouse, he went to work, in order to earn back the hard-earned money he just shed.

Yu Qing sat in the warehouse and continued to study the clues brought out from the library, the next area is A.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」18

Half a month later, Yu Qing looked at the drafty house in District O, beside Kun who was crying all the time, Yu Qing straightly comforted him: "Don't cry, this is not very good? Do you think the lighting is good? There are scenery on all sides, how beautiful is it?”

Quin looked up at Yu Qing: "Are you serious?"

Yu Qing looked at Quin and said seriously, "Do I seem to be joking?"

Quin cried even more miserably.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」19

Yu Qing said slowly: "Then you don't like it, then you can bring the things from the warehouse later. By the way, didn't you say you still want the white tiger? I think it's good. I want to see it when I come back. I'll go to Area A first to visit Explore the situation."

Don't give Quin a chance to regret at all, he slipped away immediately, and there was no one left.

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」20

Area A during the day

There is nothing special in Area A. The most special thing is that there are strict legal rules here. Everyone who comes to Area A must follow the rules here. Those who break the rules will be wanted in the Metaverse.

Half a month was enough for Yu Qing, a programmer with a vivid picture, to understand and be familiar with the rules of Area A. Here, Yu Qing met Li.

Yu Qing saw Li: "Why are you here?"

Li explained: "I was originally here."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」21

Yu Qing knew the reason and asked. When Yu Qing came to the warehouse for the second time, he inquired about everyone's identity and background.

Yu Qing: "How do you say? What are you from Area A?"

Li: "I have the highest ruling power in Area A."

Yu Qing nodded: "Let go of that AI."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」22

Li: "Why?"

Yu Qing asked curiously: "Why do you follow the boy with red hair?"

Li: "His name is Nan."

Yu Qing: "Constructor O, so why did you follow Nan?"

Li said seriously: "Because he saved me."

Yu Qing smiled: "I saved you, you hit so hard last time."

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」23

Li said flatly: "Grace is kindness, resentment is resentment."

Yu Qing said nonsense seriously: "Because that AI saved me, I want you to let her go."

Li: "That has nothing to do with me."

Yu Qing: "What crime did that AI commit?"

Episode 3「Warehouse Setup」24

Li spoke slowly: "She's called Feng, and she stole something."

"Where's the stuff?" Yu Qing asked.

Li shook his head: "I don't know, I haven't found anything yet."

Yu Qing began to mutter: "That's difficult. Feng stole what Nan wanted most. Maybe she can only hand it over if she is released."

Li asked: "Do you know what she stole?"

Yu Qing nodded: "Yes, another piece of sheepskin."

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