The Dawn of The Matrix

Episode 2 VR World Area F

Yu Qing was wandering in Area F, when suddenly a man rushed forward and knocked Yu Qing down, Yu Qing fell to the ground, the man ran away quickly, leaving behind a page, Yu Qing carefully looked at the program design diagram on the paper , found that this is a program that is completely impossible to achieve in the real world.

Yu Qing felt more and more interesting, and began to study it.

 the Metaverse

A few days later, Yu Qing returned to the Yuan Universe with the program he had researched, and it was put into operation very quickly. Yu Qing found that this was the strategic deployment map of all local snakes in Area F, which was very clear. If a certain program was written, By using them, they can kill each other, but this is not what Yu Qing wants.

Yu Qing began to look for Chris in the metaverse. Yu Qing learned a lot while studying the program design diagram. Yu Qing began to write a positioning program, but after writing and running, he found that Chris was by his side, and Yu Qing raised his head. I looked around.


A young and lively man stood in front of him: "What? I heard from the old man that you miss me?"

"Well, I want you to die." Yu Qing calmly looked at Chris in front of him.

Chris returned to normal: "Say, what do you want from me?"

Yu Qing: "You know Renguang, help me send this strategic deployment map to Miao Tian in Area F."


"Why did you choose Miaota?" Chris asked, getting right to the point.

Yu Qing: "Because he is kind."

Hearing this, Chris laughed: "Kindness? This word is not appropriate for a local snake in District F. You are still too young. "

You are still too young

Yu Qing: "The old man asked you to listen to me, why are you talking so much?"

Chris: "Didn't he tell you that talking a lot is my specialty?"

"Is that shameless too?" Yu Qing looked at Chris and said.

Chris was a little confused: "Shameless? Are you blind? "

Yu Qing: "Please fasten your belt and get out of here."

fasten your pants and get the hell out of my way

Chris looked down at the waistband of his pants, really not tied, some stammering: "You, you do not misunderstand, just after the toilet some urgent, did not want to seduce you."

Yu Qing kicked Chris away: "Get lost, I like women."

Chris only left a sentence: "My name is Quin, remember, next time remember to call me Quin."

Yu Qing continued to study something while waiting for news from Kun.


Soon Miao Tian returned with good news: "Miao Tian said he wanted to meet you, did you tell him?"

Quin shook his head and said with a straight face, "No, I told him you didn't deserve it."

Yu Qing threw the screwdriver in his hand at Quin without hesitation, staring at Quin: "Do you want to die?"

Quin asked suspiciously, "Don't you want me to send it because you don't want to see him?"


Yu Qing said irritably: "I have other business, besides, I just came here, he will trust you more if you come forward."

"Oh, I see, that's what I said to him." After Kun finished speaking, Yu Qing put down what he was doing and rushed directly to Kun, and the two fought together.

In the end, Kun was beaten to the ground, and Yu Qing asked, "Are you convinced?"

Kun hurriedly nodded: "Convincing, convincing."

Kun hurriedly nodded: "Convincing, convincing."

Yu Qing got up and continued to work on her own affairs.

Quin spoke slowly: "He said he didn't want to go to war, but thank you for the gift."

Yu Qing: "Well, I know, I'm going to the library to check the information later, you tell Miao Tian not to act rashly, but don't underestimate the enemy."


Quin: 'Oh. '


Yu Qing began to look up all the relevant information about the metaworld, and suddenly found that there was really something related to real inflation. leave.


Quin sent Yu Qing a message through SNS: A local snake in District F started to make trouble, what should I do?

Yu Qing: Hold on tight, I'll be there right away.

Sure enough, when they arrived at Area F, a fight had already started, and Yu Qing's soul walked to Kun's side: "What's going on? Didn't I tell you to hold on?"


Quin frowned tightly: "Brother, I'm not a head. If you say I'm steady, just keep steady? Are they listening?"

Yu Qing sighed: "What's the use of you? Really."

Quin aggrieved: "That's not what you said when I was running errands for you. "

"I've never heard of it. People's hearts are fickle?" Yu Qing looked at Kun with disdain.


Yu Qing continued: "Who is Miao Tian?"

Gon pointed to the dark-haired boy in leather who was fighting.

Yu Qing looked at the man and nodded: "It's not wrong, it's almost time to stop."


Quin looked at Yu Qing in disbelief: "Are you serious? Everyone's blood is starting to boil, you call stop?"

Yu Qing took out the computer he had just bought with saved money, entered the program of the strategic layout map that had already been printed in his mind, and then continued to revise it, and soon everyone received an order to stop.

Seeing that the battle situation gradually calmed down, Quin gave Yu Qing a thumbs up: "Father, you are my God."


Yu Qing said calmly: "Don't worship brother, brother is just a legend."

Quin asked, "And then what?"

Yu Qing replied meaningfully: "Then? Then let Miao Tian be the king and give me the secrets of Area F."

"Secret? What secret?" Quin wondered.


Yu Qing looked at Kun and smiled: "You want to know?"

Quin nodded: "Mmmm."

Yu Qing: "Go to him and ask, what are you doing here?"

Kun looked at Yu Qing's back: "Leaving again? Then why are you here? Is the remote control not good?"

Yu Qing: "The signal in the library is not good, and I want to meet Miao Tian if it's suitable."


"What if it doesn't fit?" Quin asked.

Yu Qing turned around and took a look at Kun, a little disgusted: "If it doesn't work, I'll just you, a dead horse is a living horse doctor."

Quin stayed in place and doubted his life. He was the leader of a XANA organization, but he was actually disliked, but it was only temporary.

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