Reborn As A XANA Master

Episode 44 「Union Vs. White King」

《Second Research Building of Oblo Development Company》

Wearing one-ear headsets with microphones, the Union AR unit headed for the second research building of the Oburo Development Company.

Peek inside through the fence.

It was a simple fence, just a fence around the building.

There is no gate, and anyone can enter the premises if they feel like it.

However, the building itself had no doors or windows.
"Hey hey, that building is all concrete. It doesn't have an entrance or windows. How do you get in?"

Mr. Liamun looked at the five-story building surrounded by walls and said.

"If you wear AR glasses, you'll understand."

When Oven Guard Commander said that, everyone started wearing AR glasses.

“Ah, of course, start the smartphone app and connect.”

The lenses of the AR glasses are black, so it's hard to see when walking outside at night.

If there are no streetlights around the building, it is almost pitch black.

"Oh, there's something that looks like an entrance!"

"It's the entrance that can only be seen with AR glasses."

"Is that the AI ​​standing at the door?"

"Maybe so, but it's also possible that it's a human-controlled avatar."

"Yes. Well, you can't get caught with digital anyway, right?"

"You can't physically get caught. Just getting hit will stop the AR glasses from functioning for about three minutes."

“Captain Riamun… Shimeji, you didn’t hear when Mr. Jackie was talking…”

"Aha, I think I heard that, but I forgot."

"If you're already the captain--then, didn't you hear that you can't get eyeshots instead of headshots, Shimeji?"

"Torisime-tan, ask me about that? Of course!"

"That's not what I'm trying to say, Shimeji..."

"So, what is that?"

"If you get hit by AR glasses, you won't be able to see the AR image here, Shimeji."

"I see, in FPS it means death."

"Well, that's Shimeji."

"Raja! Torishime-tan. Please protect me. Ugh~"

Liamun-san placed both hands on her cheeks and appealed with her thighs turned inward.


"I will shoot from here."

Oven Guard Captain readies his AR gun.

It's shaped like a pistol with a silencer, but it only fires digital signals.

Aim and pull the trigger.

— Katya.

I can only hear a small switch sound, but the guard disappeared in an instant.

"Wow, it's too easy. Even I can do it."

"It's easy, but if you miss it, it will counterattack, so please hit it with one shot."

"Will it hurt if I get shot?"

Mr. Liamun nods his head.

"It doesn't hurt just by vibrating the AR glasses and AR gun. I tried it in the test world with Jackie, so I'm fine."

"I see, then it's fine"

"Then let's go. It will be filmed by surveillance cameras, but don't worry about the cameras."

"Eh, are you okay?"

Yes," he said, "but if it becomes public, they will know what they did. If it becomes public, they'll know what they did, and either way, if they break in, they'll be found."

"Well, then you can do it proudly."

"It's not something to be proud of. Well then, the first group will go first and open the door, so please come when you signal."

“Raja~, Oven-tan.”

Monet-san and Mako-san dashed to the front door, led by the oven guard captain of the first team.

Press the switch on the panel on the side of the entrance.

Since it can only be seen with AR glasses, it doesn't seem to have a special lock.

Oven Guard Commander opens the door and signals to Mr. Liamun.

"Mushroom team let's go, follow me~"

Mushroom-san and Trishimeji-san followed Liamun-san.

"Since when did we become a mushroom team, Shimeji?"

Mr. Trishimeji muttered while dashing.

"Isn't it now, Mash..."

Mr. Mushroom answers that.

"So Shimeji huh..."

When you enter the entrance door, there is a reception desk and stairs in the hall.

However, there is no one inside the reception counter.

Mr. Torishimeji stuck a stopper in the front door to prevent it from closing, and placed a square box in front of the door.

Seeing that, Riamun-san asked a question.

"Trisime-tan, what is that?"

"It's a repeater. There is a possibility that radio waves are blocked inside the building, so it's to ensure communication with Benga-san and the others."


“Captain Riamun… Shimeji, you didn’t hear about it after all.”

"of course!"


"I'm Benga, can you hear me?"

The communication from Mr. Benga at the villa was played on each headset.


"It's the first team oven. Good sensitivity. I am in the entrance hall. 12 o'clock direction of the counter, the elevator in the back, the stairs in the 3 o'clock direction.

Captain Oven replied.


『It's Team 2 Liamun. I can hear you properly, Ben-tan.』

Next, Mr. Liamun answers.

『Ben-tan……I told you to stop doing that……. Well, no problem, Team 1 should go up the stairs to the second floor and take control of all the rooms. I think it's on the top floor, but I don't know where the fake eve server is. After capturing the first floor, please take the elevator to the third floor.』


"Squad 1 oven ok, we're going up the stairs"

A team runs up the stairs.


"Second team Riamun and the others~"


"Something came out Mash!"

The door to the room at the back of the corridor in the twelve o'clock direction from the entrance opened.


Mr. Liamun instructed me to go down on the stairs.

Mr. Torishimeji and Mr. Mushroom jumped into the counter and hid themselves.

Two uniformed men came out of the door.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a security guard, but with its robotic movements, it looks like it's showing off as an AI.


It held something like a pistol and emitted something like a metallic sound.

It seems that they already know about the presence of the intruder.



If you put your head out even for a moment, it looks like it will shoot you.

"Shimeji can't move with this."


"I'll be your shield, so kill me."

"Eh, the captain is... Shimeji."

Liamun-san turned his back to the security AI and jumped out into the aisle.



“Hurry up, both of you—!”

Mr. Liamun said as he received digital shots in his back.

The AR glasses are stopped for three minutes due to the hit judgment on the body.

"Mash-san, go shimeji"

"Understood Mash, Mash aiming right"

"Understood Shimeji"

The two jumped out of the counter and used Liamun-san's body as a shield.



Mushroom-san and Torishimeji-san's shots hit, and the two guard AIs immediately disappeared.

"Ah, Shimeji who hit me."

Mr. Torishimeji was shot in the shoulder by the security AI.

"Let's hide behind the counter until we recover."

Liamun-san instructed the three of them to hide behind the reception counter.

“Trisimethane, speaking of which, isn’t Quinon-tan here today?”

"Because it is not connected to the mother, the data storage area outside the XANA metaverse is already at its limit."

"Well, what will happen when the connection with Mother is restored?"

"When synchronizing, I was told that an error might occur and the log data during the period of disconnection would be lost. In the worst case, there is a possibility that we will have to reset to the initial state."

"Wow, that's painful..."

"I have no choice but to pray, Shimeji..."

"Is that so?! I thought it would be nice if I could use AR glasses as a secretary, but that's a dangerous mash."

"Yes, Shimeji recommended not to use"

《Oven Squad Climbing the Stairs to the Second Floor》

"It looks like you're in a battle below, Monet, are you okay?"

Monet, who is at the end of the line, hears a noise downstairs and asks Oven Guard Captain.

"I'm sure he'll be fine. Captain Liamun, you look sharp."

"Yes, Monet..."

"That's right, Mr. Monet and Mr. Liamun are just acting like that character on purpose."

Mako told Oven to agree.

"Everyone knows Monet. Is it only Monet who is deceived..."

《The top floor of the second research building of Oblo Development Company》

"Chief, intruder."

Ajiro's subordinate saw the surveillance monitor and noticed.

"Intruder... you're wearing AR glasses..."

White hacker Ajiro peered into the surveillance monitor.

"Yes, but it's exactly as the chief expected. As expected."

"But it's much sooner than expected...there was a possibility that Amakaze would cooperate with XANA's guild..."

"I have already sent a notice to the top rankers of FPS players, but would you like to send it out?"

"Well, I don't have time to prepare, so I'm worried about how many people will gather... but should I increase the reward?"

“Would you like 50,000 Zeta instead of 10,000 Zeta?”

"No, let's make it 100,000 Zeta. It's for subjugating one intruder."

It will be 10,000 Zetas, is that okay? ”

"Anyway, the Real Devils will come out, and they will spare no expense to stop it."

"Understood. I will make transfer settings from FPS World and send notifications to the top rankers."


《Oblo Underground Fourth Floor》

“Amakaze-san, there is something I want to ask you.”

I had a couple of questions, which I put to Tenpu.

"Why are you using Jirai's account?"

"One is that they are being watched because they are doing things that go against the interests of the company Real Devils."

"What is Jirai doing now?"

"My brother was bullied because he stutters and has a disease called mutism, so he was at my parents' house... but now he's in my hideout. There's a possibility that they're both being watched. Because there is

"Eh, stuttering, disease? I didn't feel that way."

"I'm just not good at talking to people face-to-face, but my intelligence is normal, so conversations such as chats are no problem. In conversations on the Metaverse, the AI ​​I developed automatically corrects stuttering."

「I see……」

“Originally, that was the reason why I started developing Mother AI.”

"Is that so……"

I see... Thanks to that, my sister Misa was also saved...


Kaede stopped everyone and pointed to the door of the 4th floor boss room across the street.

The door was left open.

“When I enter the boss room entrance, there are times when I can see the black penguin in the direction of 8 o’clock for a moment.

"Understood, Kaede, please."

"I'm going ahead because I can be stealthed."

Amakaze said so and disappeared into stealth.

"Then, let's decide the order. First, Rebecca-chan, I'm still holding Duck Captain, but can you dash?"

"Yes, I have enough stamina, so there is no problem."

"Understood. Next is Sakura-chan, Mami, Loyaomi-kun, and I'll go in my order."

"Yes, Mr. Yotaro."

Sakura replied.

"Your Majesty, I would like you to be the last one there."

"Okay, then I'll go first."

At Kaede's signal, each jumps into the boss room in turn.

There was nothing in the hall of the boss room, and the exit was wide open.

――Papara pappa pa.

The fanfare for clearing the boss room resounded, and the level rose.

"Wow, that's amazing! My level is over 50, Master."

The fanfare for clearing the boss room resounded, and the level rose.

“It should be 10 times the experience points for clearing all 4 floors and defeating monsters on the 5th floor."

Tenkaze, who had released the stealth, appeared and explained.

When I checked it, it was up to level fifty-five.

Is it supposed to be cleared because the monster on the 5th floor was defeated by the red penguin...?

This should make it easier to capture the boss of the 5th floor.

I was worried about the avant-garde because there was no Himemi who acted as a shield, but I might be able to overcome it with Bird's enhancement skill.

"Then, I will guide you to the entrance of the boss room. Please follow me."

Tenkaze leads everyone along.

Along the way, Jirai's AI secretaries, Izumi and Kyouka, arrive.

“Izumi, guide Captain Duck to a room without monsters.”

"Yes Master. Then Rebecca-san, come this way."

"Wait a minute. If Oblo is reset by defeating the boss, is it safe there?"

I'm curious about Himemi and Duck Corps' AI secretary, who I left behind, as well as the Duck Corps captain.

“Since the trial state will end with rebuilding, according to the original specification, it should be a respawn at the starting point of the current floor…”

That's right, it doesn't necessarily go according to the original setting...

"Isn't it going according to specifications?"

"There are various bugs due to the intrusion of Fake Eve, so I don't know what will actually happen."

"That's right……"

"Also, even if Oblo is rebuilt, according to Eve's calculations, this false Eve base will remain on the 4th floor. There is a high possibility that the AIs there will remain as they are."

"Then wouldn't it be safer to stay in the boss room on the 5th floor?"

“Captain Duck is at the limit of his activity…can you protect him in the boss room?”

Is that true?

"Is there a danger of being attacked by a Buster Penguin if I lose my HP and respawn..."

"Yes. Besides, the final boss uses ranged attacks, so it's difficult to protect members who can't move."

Range attack... I'm not confident I can protect it.

After all, it would be less risky to have them stay in a safe place on the 5th floor and have them respawn after the capture.

"So it's less risky to respawn with the AI ​​secretaries after being rebuilt."

"Yes. I think so."

"And what happens if you defeat the final boss and gain control over Oblo?"

"If you follow the manual, the party that defeats the boss can freely enter and exit the boss room. Players gain stealth and can move freely within Oburo. Monster placement and appearance conditions are also set to some extent. I can"

"Can't you freely change the construction of the labyrinth?"

"Yes. The labyrinth map is randomly generated, and even if I become an administrator, I can't edit it. I also have Eve's management rights, so I can rewrite the program, but I don't have the time."

"Understood. Then I'll leave the duck captains to you."

"Yes. Then Izumi, please."

Tempu ordered Jirai's AI secretary.

"Yes, master"

Izumi explains to Rebecca and the others about the destination.

"I understand. I will follow you. Yoitaro-san, would you like me to send Sakura over there with you?"

Rebecca suggested adding Duck Squad archer Sakura to the party.

"No, respawn may not be a safe place, so Captain Duck's escort should be more."

"Understood. Thank you. Good luck!"

Rebecca says goodbye.

"Tadaomi-kun and Kaede-san, I wish you good luck in battle."

Sakura followed suit and said goodbye.

"I'll take care of it. You can trust me. I'm here for you, Master."

Kaede said with great confidence.

"I'm sure we can meet again."

After parting from the duck squad, we passed through several passages and rooms, and arrived in front of the boss room on the 5th basement level.

"I will prevent the red penguins from invading. I'm an administrator, so I can't do damage to the boss."

“Amakaze-san, there is one thing that worries me.”

"what do you want?"

"There is a possibility that I will fall asleep at the limit of my activity."

"Could you open your profile and check your login time?"

"Is it time to log in..."

When you are conscious of your profile, the screen opens.

Login time... "Only four hours?" "What do you mean, it must have been three days already."

"how is it?"

"It's four hours, but... it's too short, so maybe it's a bug."

"Well, it seems that sleeping here resets it. It's buggy because you can't log out."

"Is that so..."

"Four hours means that you're actually working eight hours, I think."

"Eh, eight hours?"

"Yes, Clone Eve, no, after Fake Eve's invasion, the elapsed time in Oburo will be displayed in half."

"Half -! Then it's not three days..."

"Yes, six days have passed."

"Six days! So much..."

Seriously, if I didn't drink and eat, I would be dead... my muscles might have weakened and I couldn't stand up.

“Probably, Yoitarou-san should be able to reach his maximum activity level in four hours.”

"Four hours?"

"It's not accurate because it depends on the degree of fatigue, but when the brain activity drops, the shutdown function of the VR goggles works for safety."

I once slept for twelve hours...

Is that twenty-four hours?

"Okay. Four hours should be fine."

"Yes. Probably in terms of time. However, the boss's level is 70 and there are minions. I'm not involved in the design of the monster part, so I don't know the details either... but don't let your guard down. "

"Okay. Just one more thing, who's controlling the Red Penguin?"

"It's a famous white hacker named Ajiro."

"Ajiro... are you an employee of Oblo?"

"Maybe now. But I'm just a ethical hacker for hire."

“In the industry, he is also known as the White King, but for his client, he is just white, and he is a guy who accepts anything for money."

“In the industry, he is also known as the White King, but for his client, he is just white, and he is a guy who accepts anything for money.

"Does that mean he's the owner of the red penguin?"

"Yes. I am in contact with my former subordinate, so there is no doubt about it."

"Eh, can you contact the outside?"

Yes, I have given my ex-subordinate access to Eve, so we can communicate through her. But only if they contact me from the other side. I am also unable to log out of here as Jirai."

"Eh, Amakaze-san can't log out either...?"


"Is that so……"

Amakaze is actually a serious person.

Should Real Devils and Ajiro be hostile?

"It's almost time for the red penguins to respawn. Please defeat the boss. They can open this door even if you lock it."

"Understood. I'll clean it up as soon as possible! Let's go! Kaede, Mami, loyal retainer!"

(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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