Revenue Stream

1. Play Income

  1. Initial card sale: The sale of DUEL cards brings significant revenue to the protocol.
  2. Micro-transaction: non-power enhancing purchases such as DUEL Cards, avatar, wearables, game items etc.
  3. Staked Play: Play to Earn league and Leaderboard rankings are only available for gameplay in which players stake a Certain amount of tokens. The game takes a 2.5% fee on the stake. Rankings are based on players who win the most game tokens daily or weekly.
  4. League Gaming: P2E League wins unlock a vast amount of rewards. Participation in the tournament requires a ticket, purchases of which feed a prize pool, with the game taking 5% of all accrued ticket fees.

2. Metaverse Protocol Income

  1. Build to Earn: Third-party creators can build custom cards, worlds avatars, and wearables to allow players to play in them. The protocol takes a 30% fee earned as a Protocol fee.
  2. Metaverse Ads space: All maps carry ads lots, which sponsors can pay for.
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