Latest XANA Metaverse Mobile APP Update: v23.09.01

Updated Information

▼New features and updates
・Android version has been approved by the store.
・Usernames can now be duplicated.
・The footsteps of avatars (SE) have been implemented only in official worlds (worlds created by you will be implemented later).
・The world of the DEEMO Museum, which only DEEMO NFT owners can enter, has been implemented. (You can search for “DEEMO THE MOVIE Metaverse Museum” in the search window / You need to log in with the wallet you own)
・KOSHINO HIROKO NFT” can now be identified and worn as an avatar (You need to log in with the wallet you own)
・Test Implementation of Directional Volume Function
1: This function automatically increases the volume when approaching a sound source and decreases the volume when moving away from it.
2: When the directional volume is set to “off” (default is off)
The microphone sound is heard universally throughout the world as before.
3: When the directional volume is set to “on” (on the settings screen)
Only the avatars within a certain range around you can be heard.With this function, you can enjoy conversation only with those gathered in the same place.
(*The volume of the monitor will change according to the distance between the avatar and the sound source, regardless of whether it is on or off, but it will always be audible).
・New login method for XANA application by Wallet Connect is implemented.

Operation manual (found on p. 15)
EN :
JP :


▼Bug reports and fixes
・Fixed the problem that Sky of the world is affected by a specific world and a specific Effect object, causing a purple bug (DAO bug report No. 41).
・Fixed a bug related to a specific object (DAO bug report No. 120)
・Fixed a bug related to aerial camera (DAO bug report No. 109)
・Sci-fi assets were not being lit up (DAO bug report No. 90)
・Transport loops are not reflected (DAO bug report No. 89).
・Fixed Invisibility Avatar (DAO bug report No107)
・Beach assets are not reflected in xana app (DAO bug report No. 114)
・Fixed a bug in the quiz component (DAO bug report No. 102)
・Fixed a bug related to gestures.
・Fixed about 15 other minor bugs.


・There is a bug that multiple avatar saving does not work properly.
・”20″ game components now implemented and available in the XANA app (more info)
・Operation manual for using BreakingDown avatars with XANA app – EN:  /  JP:
*There are some differences in color and design between the avatar in the NFT image and the avatar in the XANA app.


Download Information


*Currently, the app is a test version and can be downloaded from the dedicated “Test flight” app

EN :
JP :


Compatible Models

Android (Mobile & Tablet)
Android 10Version or above
CPU: Snapdragon 665 Octa-core and above
GPU: Adreno 618
RAM: 6 GB and above
Free storage: 3 GB

IOS (Mobile)
iPhone11or later
OS:iOS14or later
CPU:6core, 2.39 GHz (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)
GPU:Apple GPU (3core)

OS: iOS 14 or later
Chip: A12 Bionic chip or above
CPU: 6 core or above
GPU 4 cores or above

*Please make sure to check in advance whether your mobile device is above the specifications compatible with the application.
If your device does not meet the specifications, the application may crash or malfunction.


Numbers of Persons who can get connected simultaneously

Up to 10 people in one world
If you exceed that number, you will be in a different dimension even if you are in the same world.

※Limitations due to alpha version
・Time taken for loading world may be longer
・Possibility of crashing the app if the number of simultaneous connection gets exceeded
・SNS and some functions are limited and will be released with each update.
・Please use mobile devices in an environment with good communication, such as Wi-Fi, due to their large size.
(3DGC may not load or operate properly)
・If the application does not work properly depending on the supported models, versions, or environments, please uninstall the application and try reinstalling it.

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