XANA is Creating a World of Interconnected Decentralized Ecosystems

XANA is a layer 2 blockchain on Ethereum that comes equipped with its own online social metaverse. The symbiotic relationship between XANA’s network and metaverse will allow both of them to compound each other’s utility. The best way to think of this is that any asset minted on XANA’s metaverse will be represented on the XANA network as an NFT, and any applications that are made on the XANA network can be integrated into the XANA metaverse. 

XANA has already managed to attract the attention of a lot of major traditional firms with extremely popular intellectual property (IP) brands. One such major IP brand is Ultraman, and they are all set to list characters from their manga onto the XANA metaverse as NFTs that can be used to customise your metaverse avatars.

Additionally, XANA is also collaborating with world governments, and some of the most popular clothing brands on the planet. The clothing brands will integrate their products onto the XANA metaverse as Wearable NFTs such as clothes, accessories, and shoes. Governments will help design some of the infrastructure, and environments on the land in XANA’s metaverse. 

Wearables and NFTs on XANA

Users entering the world of XANA will have to create an avatar. These avatars can be equipped with a plethora of Wearables such as clothes, shoes, and accessories. All the Wearables on XANA’s metaverse are a great way to customize your avatars, and they are also NFTs on the XANA blockchain. 

Since the XANA metaverse and XANA blockchain are so well connected, users can seamlessly access all their metaverse Wearables on the XANA blockchain and sell them as NFTs. On the flipside, anyone willing to buy NFTs for the XANA metaverse can easily do so on the XANA blockchain, and those NFTs will seamlessly transfer over to the XANA metaverse as Wearables. 

XANA has attracted and gained access to intellectual property (IP) access from many popular Japanese Anime, Manga, and major global shopping brands. All of these characters and many of the products from major shopping brands are going to be available on the XANA metaverse as wearable customizations that users can put on their avatars and display to other users on the XANA metaverse. Additionally, buying these major characters or branded clothes as Wearables actually gives you ownership of them as an NFT on the XANA blockchain. 

As of now, the Ultraman NFT is ready to be minted onto the XANA blockchain, and can be bought and then worn on your avatar on the XANA metaverse. Once you put on the Ultraman wearable in the metaverse it will be displayed on your avatar, and other users will be able to see it.

Collaborative NFTs in XANA

The ULTRAMAN NFT, is the first large scale collaboration for XANA’s ecosystem. The global renown Hero from Japan is now ready to be minted as XANA’s GameFi NFT and also avatar skin for the user.

Land and NFTs on XANA

Apart from Wearables, another type of asset class on the XANA metaverse is Land. Users can use Land on XANA to host a whole heap of events and invite other users to their events. All the Land on XANA is also an NFT on the XANA blockchain. 

Users can buy Land on the XANA blockchain using various cryptocurrencies such as $ETH, $BNB, & $MATIC, and then utilize that Land on the metaverse to host a wide variety of social events. Since all the Land on the XANA metaverse are NFTs, users can also easily sell it on the XANA blockchain for various cryptocurrencies.  

World governments are also acquiring some of the Land on the XANA metaverse to use it to create an infrastructure that will make moving around the metaverse a lot more convenient and entertaining. 

A New World on XANA

XANA is not just a social metaverse or a layer 2 blockchain on Ethereum. XANA is the first project ever to seamlessly integrate a metaverse onto a blockchain to create a fully symbiotic decentralized ecosystem. This new decentralized and symbiotic ecosystem that XANA is trying to make has the ability to truly scale and multiply the utility of the entire decentralized network with every new application, or asset that is added to it. 

Popular publishers, major shopping brands, and even world governments have entered the world of XANA. Join a world of interconnected decentralized ecosystems, join XANA!