What is Warp?
The avatar can warp from point A to point B between two objects.
*By attaching the Warp component to object A (point A), when the avatar makes contact (triggers), they can warp from point A to the second object set as point B (object B).


How to use?

1. Select 2 assets from the left panel (attached images 1 (a) and (b) )
2. Place the selected assets on terrain (attached images 2 (a) and (b))
3. When you select the asset on the terrain a component list will get displayed on the right panel (attached image ③)

4. Select the Warp component from the right panel

5. Click on Object (a) and First set the Start Portal.

6. Select the Key Value (※Alphanumeric and special characters can also be used)

7. Click on the (+)icon to set the key value from the pull-down

8. Click on the Object (b) in the End portal and enter the same Key Value as that of the Start portal from the pull-down.

9. Click on the test button in the upper right corner of the screen ( the warp component you had set can be verified in the test play).

10. When the Avatar touches the First Object (a) (trigger activated) and it will get Warp (Swamp) to Object (b)



  1. Hello xana.net webmaster, You always provide great examples and real-world applications, thank you for your valuable contributions.

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