How to use (XANALIA)Market place ?

Step 1:

You can view the NFTs that you created on the xanalia web on the “Created” tab.

You can view your owned NFTs in the “Owned” tab of your profile.

Home Page:

On the home page, we have to see a moving slider on top of the screen on which the NFTs collection is changing after a specific time by admin end.

Besides the slider, we have to see the different Tabs on the home page.

1. Launchpad

On the launchpad tab, Latest official collections are showing which are updating timely.

2. Collections

On the collections tab, we see all the collections for all chains.

3. All NFT’s

On this tab, All types of NFTs are shown like images, videos, GIFs, and music NFTs.

4. Trending NFT’s

On this tab, trending NFTs show on the basis of more likes on it.

5. ART

We have ART-type NFTs on this tab.

6. Image

On this tab, we see all the image type NFTs.

7. GIF

We see all the GIF-type NFTs on this tab.

8. Movie

We see all video-type NFTs on the movie tab.

9. Music NFTs tab

We see all the music NFTs on this tab on the home page.

10. Hot Collection

On this tab trending official collections are showing.


On the home page, Users can filter the NFTs by applying different filters on tabs “All NFTs, images, ART, movie, music, and GIF”.

  • Most Liked
  • On Sale
  • Recently Created
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • On Auction

NFT detail page: Following details are shown in the NFT detail page

  1. Users can like the NFT
  2. NFT creator
  3. Collection in which NFT was created.
  4. NFT owner

5. NFT Name / Title.
6. NFT description added by the creator.
7. NFT Price
8. Creator detail (Bio)
9. In the detail dropdown, there is contract address, token id, token standard and blockchain type.

10. Trading History of the NFT.
11. Filters: Users can filter the Trading History by applying multiple filters like “Minted, Listing Fixed, Listing Auction etc.”
12. Bid History
13. Offers: There are showing offers and offer history.

14. More NFTs: There is showing all the NFTs related to the same collection.


Collection detail Page:

To view collection details, click on any collection.


1. Number of NFTs is shown in the collection detail.
2. A number of owners whose NFTs are in the collection are shown in detail.
3. The floor price is showing there (least price on which the NFTs traded)
4. Volume Traded:
5. The collections description is also present collection tab.

6. In the creator tab, the Creator description is shown.
7. In the “on-sale” tab, NFTs of the collection which is on sale are showing there.

8. All the sold NFTs are shown in the “Sold Out” tab.

9. The NFTs of this collection which are in the ownership of the connected user are shown in the “Owned” tab.

10. Gallery: All the NFTs of this collection are showing in “Gallery” like on sale, Sold out, on auction NFTs etc.

11. Activity: Each activity performed on this collection’s NFTs is shown in the “Activity” tab.
12. Filter: Users can filter the activities by applying the filter.
13. Pagination

Discover Page:

On the discover page, users can search the NFTs, collections, and any artist through the search bar with their addresses or names.

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