2. Daily Quest Reward

Simple way to earn some amount of reward everyday

Chest Box

Loot Chests can be earned once in every 24-hour period by completing Daily Quests.​Once in every 24-hour period, players may complete a Daily Quest that is assigned to them from a random rotation of official Daily Quests.

The rewards for completing these quests are given in the form of Loot Chests, with the number of chests earned depending on the current League of play.

Cool Down time

When a player is not yet able to pursue another Daily Quest, a countdown will display that says how long until the next Quest is generated.Battles do not need to be won back to back to complete a Daily Quest, and once with every Quest, the player has the option to request a new Quest, starting over on their progress if they choose that option.

The Quest Potion

By purchasing charges of the Quest Potion, players can increase the number of Loot Chests earned from Daily Quests.

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