Description of Create Event screen

First of all, in the from the top right corner click on the “+” button to launch the Create screen


  1. Event Name: To begin, please enter the name of your event in the “Event Name” field.
  2. Event Type: The event type consists of three types (NFT Exhibition Event, Public Event, and My Event), and you can choose the type that is appropriate for your purpose.
  3. Event Venue: Please provide the details of the venue for your event based on the option you have chosen.
  4. Main Image: Upload the main image that best represents your event.
  5. Event Description: Add a comprehensive “Event Description” for the event you are hosting.
  6. Start Date: Select the start date for your event. Make sure it is not a past date.
  7. End date/time: Set the date/time when the event ends.
  8. User Option: You can also limit the Features for participating users on the XANA application.
  9. Limited Release: Only those users who have shared the limited public event URL will be able to participate in the event.
  10. Repeat: Events can be held repeatedly on a set schedule.
  11. Publish Event: The Created Event will be open to public
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