What is Countdown?
You can set a “time limit” with a UI that gives a sense of urgency for one object.
*By equipping the Countdown component to an object, when an avatar comes into contact with the object (trigger activated), a large, urgent countdown of seconds is displayed in the center of the screen.
*Differences from similar components
・Time Limit: Countdown (requires target objects A and B)
・Elapsed Time: Count-up (requires target objects A and B)
・Countdown: Countdown (requires only one target object + displays a sense of urgency on the timer)


How to use?

1. Select the asset from the left panel.(attached image ①)
2. Place the selected assets in the terrain(attached image ②)
3. When you select the asset on the terrain a component list will get displayed on the right panel (attached image ③)

4. Select Countdown Component from the right panel.
5. Using the slider, set the number of seconds for the countdown from [1 – 10].

6. Click on the test button in the upper right corner of the screen ( the CountDown which you had set can be verified in the test play).

7. When the avatar gets in touch with an object (trigger activation), the second count starts.

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