Appearance Change

What is Appearance Change?
Avatars can change the visual to appearance of hunters, characters, etc.
*By equipping the Appearance Change component to Object A, when an avatar comes into contact (trigger is activated), the target object becomes hidden, and the avatar is able to change its appearance to that of a hunter or other character for a certain duration of time.


How to use?
1. Select the asset from the left panel. (attached image ①)
2. Place the selected assets in the terrain(attached image ②)
3. When you select the asset on the terrain a component list will get displayed on the right panel (attached image ③)

4. Select the Appearance Change component from the right panel

5. Using Slider set the timer, then select the avatar you want to set for the Appearance change from the pull-down menu

6. Click on the test button in the upper right corner of the screen (the appearance change which you had set can be verified in the test play).

7. When an avatar comes in contact with an object (trigger activation), For the specified time period the avatar you set for the appearance change will appear





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